Amino acids

Simple, but true: There is no life without amino-acids. To buy amino acids was never simplier, just order confortably from your home from Musclebody! Amino-acids are the micromolecules, the building blocks of proteins and. are jointly responsible for almost all processes in the human body. For example, they regulate the function of muscles, organs, arteries, glands and tendons, but also transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Both hormones and antibodies consist of amino-acids. Since, unlike carbohydrates and fat, they also contain nitrogen, they can even form tissue, organs, skin, hair and muscles—which is why they play a special role in building muscle in bodybuilders and athletes. There is no need to wait to buy amino acids perfect for you! As there are more than 400 known non-proteinogenic amino-acids. , which have biological functions, as well as 20 or 22 proteinogenic—protein-building—amino acids.

More about the classification of amino-acids, proteinogenic amino acids, essential amino acids. , the production of amino-acids, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and much more can be found here. Buy amino acids - the best of the best for your body you can buy only by us!

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