Alavis Triple Blend Extra Silný 700 g
  • Alavis Triple Blend Extra Silný 700 g

Alavis Triple Blend Extra Strong 700g



One of the proven supplements for the regeneration of the musculoskeletal system

  • Nutrition, protection and regeneration of articular cartilage and tissue
  • Relief of musculoskeletal pain
  • improved mobility, more physical performance
  • delay or stop further damage to the articular cartilage
  • Extension of the active age of the animal
  • Improving general health

This product is a horse version, a version for people is Barnys !!!

Alavis Triple Blend Extra Silný 700 g

Alavis Triple



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The veterinary medicinal product is authorized by the CAKVBL under number 130-16 / C and is available commercially.


Glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, Collyss® and Cartidyss® brand collagen

  • Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate form a natural component of articular cartilage and synovial fluid. Chondroitin sulfate has a remarkable ability to bind water in tissues. It ensures the proper functioning of the cartilage, its strength, flexibility and durability. The mechanism of action of these two substances is common and exists in the chondroprotective (cartilage-protecting) effect. The effect involves the regeneration of articular cartilage and tissue, the improvement of mobility and thus a positive impact on the health of the animal.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane - MSM - is a natural substance with organically bound sulfur, which is involved in collagen formation, strengthens ligaments and tendons, relaxes and regenerates muscles. MSM is not only involved in the relief of joint pain, but also due to its antioxidant and detoxifying effect on the destruction of damaged tissue. It is advisable to use MSM in post-traumatic and postoperative conditions to relieve pain and improve wound healing. MSM has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, vasodilating and edematous action. It is also used to treat muscle achesn to eliminate muscle cramps and tendon pain.
  • HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN COLLYSS® AND CARTIDYSS® Collyss® - the highest quality collagen I - comes in heavily loaded structures such as tendons and cartilage. It is tensile and therefore very important for the strength of the tendons and thus for strengthening the musculoskeletal system. This collagen remains in the bones and skin. Collagen Type I Collyss® is a patented purified collagen hydrolyzate derived from sea fish cartilage.
  • Cartidyss® - high-quality collagen II - preserves the cartilage shape and prevents its deformation. Type II collagen is a component of hyaline and elastic cartilage and pressure resistant. Cartidyss® is a purified collagen hydrolyzate derived from skate rays.


  • Glucosamine sulfate - 348 g
  • Chondroitin sulfate - 130 g
  • MSM - methylsulfonylmethane - 435 g
  • Collyss® - 3.4 g
  • Cartidyss® - 5g
  • Excipients: apple pectin - 79 g

No dyes or preservatives are added to maintain the quality of the formulation


DOSAGE: Horse weight Initial dose (first 14 days) Daily maintenance (continuous) Dosage 100 kg 4.5 g 1 scoop 2.25 g 1/2 scoop 500 kg 22.5 g 5 scoops 11.25 g 2.5 scoops

Method of use: The powder can with a piece of liningbe administered, mixed in the core or the molasses or added directly into the muzzle. Normally, animals receive the preparation without problems.

Duration of use: Serve optimally for three months, then pause for 1-3 months and replace the product.