APS - Phenadrine® 60 kaps
  • APS - Phenadrine® 60 kaps

APS - Phenadrine® 60 caps


APS Nutrition

Phenadrine® - Advanced Weight Loss Assistance and Stimulant!

APS - Phenadrine® 60 kaps



APS Nutrition

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Phenadrine® is based on the carefully crafted, unique formula of proven and active ingredients combined with advanced and highly innovative active ingredients in high doses, bringing effortlessness and synergy effortlessly to a new level. With the enhancement of two components, Phenadrine® combines advanced weight loss stimulation and intensive training like no other accessory. By default, Phenadrine® delivers results directly from the first dose. Always! There is no tolerance! No hit and miss! Phenadrine® has been designed to work; your performance really unwirklito do it!

Phenadrine® adds:

Incredible results, weight loss
The most intense workout of your life
Intense focus, concentration, mental clarity and alertness *
    Dramatic increase in energy and physical performance *

Take one capsule 30 minutes in the morning or before exercise and 1 afternoon capsule. Do not take more than 3 capsules of Phenadrine® daily.