INSANE LABZ Manson 265 g
  • INSANE LABZ Manson 265 g

INSANE LABZ Manson 265 g



The crazy MANSON pump that directly increases the aggression.

If he believed there was nothing stronger than PSYCHOTIC by Insane Labz, the underground novel MANSON had not tried it.

Manson is literally Psycho Pump. Pre-workout booster, which, like some pre-workouts, increases aggression. It contains many extra-strong ingredients that provide a strong boost of energy, extreme pumping, concentration, aggressiveness and many other benefits.

INSANE LABZ Manson 265 g




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Advantages of Dark Metal MANSON:

  • Long psycho training
  • Increase the aggression
  • Extreme pumping
  • Brutal concentration during exercise

Manson is a very powerful product that we do not recommend to beginners and people with heart problems or general cardiovascular problems. Manson was developed to increase physical performance and delay fatigue. This provides up to 3000 mg of beta-alanine in each dose.

The energy comes from a blend of anhydrous caffeine and patented caffeine called Infinergy. This ensures a quick absorption into the body and a powerful energy boost, which keeps you alive during the entire training. Infinergy caffeine provides a slow breakdown of caffeine from the body, so it does not come to the so-called caffeine degradation. CRASH effect.

Mental Focus is responsible for substances or a mixture of tyrosine, taurine, L-carnitine and DM-HA. You will be focused and have a euphoric feeling of energyfeeling well.

OXYGOLD is a new patented substance that directly multiplies the action of stimulants in the pump. That means the pumping effect it will be a bit stronger.

How about the dosage?

I recommend starting with half a measuring cup about 15 minutes before training. Mix half of the balls in cold water. Sufficient 2dcl.

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