Magnus Supplements - Ecdysterone + L-Leucine 180cps
  • Magnus Supplements - Ecdysterone + L-Leucine 180cps

Magnus Supplements - Ecdysterone + L-Leucine 180 caps


Magnus Supplements

Beta-Ekdysterone (95% Extract) - A true and legal alternative to anabolic steroids! The basic building block of the power athletes of the Eastern Bloc

Magnus Supplements - Ecdysterone + L-Leucine 180cps



Magnus Supplements

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A variety of studies have confirmed the anabolic activity of beta-ecdysterones as early as the 1970s and 1980s, especially in combination with hard training. In the former Soviet Union, it was tried to use beta-ecdysterone as an anabolic supplement that was mainly developed for athletes. The test results were surprising - the use of beta-ecdysterone resulted in a short-term increase in muscle mass and a significant increase in performance. It is well known that beta-ecdysterone has become an integral part of the diet of Russian Olympians preparing for major sporting events. Even after 3 to 5 days of use of beta-ecdysterone in athletes physical fitness increases, with the muscle mass in the next few weeks with appropriate training and high-protein diets increased by 6 to 10%. In addition to strength and muscle mass, weightlifters felt less pain in their muscles and ligaments after training. Beta ecdysterone also has a positive effect on mood swings in challenging exercise cycles. In professional and elite sports, Beta-Ekdysterone uses the cardiovascular and immune systems without side effects to achieve mental and physical stability and often to accelerate recovery from injury or illness. The world of sports science is watching closely the work of research teams testing beta ecdysterone and suchwhich attract attention:

Dr. Burdette - proteosynthesis acceleration

The basis of whether the first is a scientific study, which was published in 1963 by Dr. med. Burdette, who discovered that ecdysterone increases the rate of protein synthesis, the ability to produce muscle proteins.

V. Smetanin - Positive Nitrogen Balance

Followed by studies conducted in the Soviet Union in 1986, when ecdysterone was shown to increase the positive nitrogen balance. Do you ask yourself, what is the ratio of the nitrogen balance to higher muscle mass? Simply put, the more nitrogen your body holds back and the faster protein synthesis takes place, the more muscle you gain. However, adequate protein intake (ie a high-protein diet) along with the ecdysterone dose is essential to fully realize its potential.

V. Smetanine - Increased resistance, endurance and muscle glycogen storage

In this study, a panel of 117 fast skeletons aged 18 to 28 years was studied. The aim of the study was to determine the efficacy of ecdysterone on performance, lung capacity and VO2max. The results speak for themselves - after applying ecdysterone all the above parameters have been increased. Basically, this means that the body absorbs more oxygen and removes carbon dioxide fastercould. At the same time, glycogen stores in the muscle mass increased.

S. Simakin - Increase muscle mass and density while lowering body fat

The aim of this study, in the late 1990s (1988) in the Soviet Union, was to determine the influence of ecdysterone on the amount of muscle mass and body fat. Three athlete groups used placebo, protein and protein + ecdysterone. The results were clearly in favor of the protein-ecdysterone combination. Of the 78 athletes (both men and women) who consumed only protein, no one showed a significant increase in muscle mass over a 10-week period. In the placebo group even muscle loss was noted. In contrast, the group that consumed ecdysterone + protein reported an increase in muscle mass of 6-7% and a 10% decrease in body fat.

Recommended dosage:

3 capsules contain 600 mg ecdysterone 95%, 600 mg l-leucine

The basic dose is 6 capsules per day in two doses of 3 capsules. The distance between the sub-cans should be about the same. Wash with plenty of water. In order to be able to use the maximum effect, a daily protein intake of at least 2 g white protein per kg weight must be maintained.