Magnus Supplements - Tribulus Terrestris 180 kapsúl
  • Magnus Supplements - Tribulus Terrestris 180 kapsúl

Magnus Supplements Tribulus Terrestris 180 caps


Magnus Supplements

Magnus Supplements Tribulus (400 mg in one capsule) is an effective and very popular stimulant to increase natural testosterone levels in athletes. It promotes proper hormonal activity and sexual function! As well it helps to maintain muscles and energy in your body. It is a natural testosterone booster. It's a supplement made from Tribulus Terrestris plant extract to maximize muscle growth! Tribulus terrestris is concentrated on the high steroid saponin extract. These steroid saponins (especially protodioscin) stimulate endogenous androgenic hormones.

Magnus Supplements - Tribulus Terrestris 180 kapsúl



Magnus Supplements

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What is Magnus Supplements Tribulus:  
Puncture vine plant is located in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and southern Europe.
 As furostanol saponins are known for their active ingredients are concentrated as Tribulus terrestris extract. It has traditionally been used for centuries mostly to increase libido. Also as a natural aphrodisiac - in home countries of these plant-based puncture vines.

People started to use it as a dietary supplement as a sports nutrition / dietary supplement in Bulgaria.

Thanks to its success, it has since been offered as a sports nutrition product. It is very popular among natural bodybuilders as it also provides some benefits to strength athletes.
For athletes and bodybuilders with training to build muscle and strength, testosterone is the main hormone. Testosterone is the strongest hormone in the body when it comes to building muscle. Magnus Supplements Tribulus Terrestris is not a direct biological precursor to testosterone! However, taking 400 mg of Tribulus terrestris has a positive effect on the vital FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). The mechanism of action varies compared to testosterone enhancers such as androstenedione or DHEA.

Tribulus terrestris also has a positive effect on the reproductive function. Taking 400mg of Tribulus Magnus Supplements leads to increased spermatogenesis! In addition, it has been proven that sperms do have better quality!


-is an aphrodisiac
-increases your libido
improves your use
-bring stamina and excitement! 

Taking Magnus Supplements Tribulus 400mg supplements has a positive effect on living FSH (follicle-stimulatingthe hormone)!

Taking 400 mg has positive effects on the reproductive function! Experience higher spermatogenesis and stronger erection thanks to Tribulus Terrestris Magnus Supplements 400 mg! Recommended dosage is 400 mg for 6-8 weeks.