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Kamikaze is a World War II concept for us when the suicide pilots of the Japanese Air Force, who did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in a plane full of explosives, were labeled as such. The use of the Japanese translation - God's Wind - will be more typical for us. Kamikadze Extreme Pump is a product that is so heartless, so brutal and excited that it is not meant for weaknesses.




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There are three product categories in the world of nutritional supplements:

  1. Besides, they are not cheap and the purchase is a loss of money, time and enthusiasm for you. Unfortunately, there are some people who buy products from this category. And unfortunately there are also producers who are not ashamed to offer such products.
  2. The second category are products with a relatively good composition, but which are somewhat bold. They do not deviate from the competition, they emit no emotions.
  3. The third category is the product where the manufacturer has taken special care . They used the best, clinically proven doses of active ingredients to make them, and their composition is totally different from that of the competition. One such product is the Extreme Pump Kamikaze. Read on to explain why.

Kamikadze Extreme Pump - king of pre-training

Supplementary pre-workout food is still relatively young compared to other dietary supplements. Attempting to maximize blood flow is important for several reasons. Increased blood flow ensures:

  • Increased nutrient supply to the muscles
  • Transport of building materials to initiate regeneration processes
  • More oxygen for the working muscles
  • Increase the muscle volumemen.

This phenomenon is not about the visual effect, but about the internal processes that take place in the muscles. You can read the available literature that especially carbohydrates (their glycogen content) and a well thought-out training plan are behind the muscle pumps.

If you want to know what muscle tears are because of the high blood flow, you can still include a training session in the training process. Its main task is to provide the muscles with energy, promote blood circulation, delay fatigue and provide the essential substances needed to supply the body with fluid. If you have already tried a preparation session and have not found a suitable one, we have a tip for you.

Kamikaze Extreme Pump is the best product in this category. It contains proven ingredients that allow for increased production of nitric oxides such as AAKG, citrulline maleate or the world's new agmatine sulfate component. The latter has taken over the main relay from "traditional" pump assistants.

Kamikadze Extreme Pump can also be described as a product for the BIGGEST! Before the above ingredients are given to us, we will give priority to the substances that you will find in vain in other products:

DM-aa - or geranium is the LatinName of the genus from which the oil used to produce 1,3-dimethylamine (DM-aa) is derived. In sports supplementation, it is mainly used as a stimulant (releases norepinephrine after administration, increases metabolic intensity and alertness). Even today it causes controversy through its effects. There are two groups of people. Those who will defend him (they are those who defend him), people who have actually tried him, and those who will judge him (based on theoretical knowledge only). In fact, the media reported that DM-aa increased the pressure, but scientific studies on doses that are part of the supplements did not confirm this duck.

Maybe you still remember USPlabs Jack3D. It was very popular in Slovakia for a reason because it really worked. It only worked because of its main component DM-aa. Over time, this product has disappeared from the market, and nothing has ever happened that would bring Jack3D closer. This time seems to be over. There is an Extreme Pump Kamikaze that has up to 11 more!

DM-aa has a similar structure to ephedrine. Flood was cited as a drug to treat respiratory problems. Today, it is the most popular ingredient in training preparation products from top manufacturers. Thanks to its DM-aa properties it increases the athletic performance, helps with the downand is even an active ingredient in children and people with ADHD.

Yohimbine - is a yohimbe bark extract that grows in Africa. It is known to help with the treatment of male impotence (it works in two ways - it increases the sex drive and increases the blood flow to the penis). In bodybuilding yohimbine is particularly interesting because it can pump up the muscles better. It also works effectively as a fat burner (viaReceptors) and as a stimulant before exercise. Together with DM-aa they are substances that work, therefore supplements with their content are so popular and desirable.

For the best of the best!

The number of substances of paramount importance in pumping muscles in the Kamikaze Extreme Pump is exactly five. Not one, not two, not three, but up to five. Take it so that you would buy a car that drives five top engines. Which power should it be? The same principle applies to dietary supplements. The more active ingredients are contained, the stronger the expected effect. We guarantee that you will not find a similar product.

Citrulline malate, AAKG, agmatine sulfate, DM-aa and yohimbine share one thing. By consuming them you increase the production of nitric oxide significantly and ensure ae extreme blood circulation in your muscles. Add to that an enormous boost and maximum concentration, and you can experience a total feeling and pumping of the muscles!

Citrulline malate - increases plasma levels of ornithine and arginine.

AAKG - releases blood vessels and expands their internal diameter, resulting in increased blood flow.

Agmatine Sulfate - Increases nitric oxide concentration , increases growth hormone levels and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Tri-creatine malate

It's a combination of creatine monohydrate and malic acid. As the name implies, it's the binding of three creatine molecules to a malic acid molecule. Its main effect is the increase and circulation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is directly responsible for muscle contraction. Scientific studies suggest that it helps increase total body weight, muscle size, endurance, brain function and fitness. And that's not all. Creatine helps increase the explosive power and maintain free testosterone levels. Tri Creatine Malate offers higher bioavailability than conventional monohydrate.

Substances to improve the body performance, delay of Müdigkand fat burning and general health ...

It is not common for pre-workout products to contain as many ingredients as those that can promote moisture or even fat burning. But we deliberately want to deviate, because we will only part with the "ordinary" group.

Extreme Pump contains caffeine, tyrosine, taurine and beta-alanine. Strong stimulants that, through their synergistic effects, enhance the effect of the major components of the product. In addition, the wearers of the important attributes have earned respect. Caffeine eliminates muscle pain and has a stimulating effect. Tyrosine delays fatigue, taurine has similar properties to insulin, and beta-alanine helps increase muscle endurance. After a long, strenuous and hard workout that guarantees this product can cause muscle spasms. That's why Extreme Pump contains the best mineral composition and the highest quality form. After training, the product leaves no unpleasant conditions, as is often the case with other pumps.

Did you know that?

Kamikadze Extreme Pump is made exclusively from natural ingredients? You will not find any ees or dyes in it. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It contains no lactose or gluten. Thanks to its calorie-free value you will appreciate it in times of weight loss or weight reduction.in pre-competitive preparations. The team behind the Extreme Pump Kamikaze offers you maximum solubility, delicious taste and a pleasant smell. You will always enjoy every dose!