Extrifit - BCAA Liquid FreeForm 1000ml
  • Extrifit - BCAA Liquid FreeForm 1000ml

Extrifit - BCAA Liquid FreeForm 1000ml



branched-chain amino acids (BCAA)

Branched Amino Acids (BCAA) are traditional dietary supplements in bodybuilding and do not contradict their effects. They are suitable for both volume and reduction programs.

Extrifit - BCAA Liquid FreeForm 1000ml

Extrifit - BCAA



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However, it is essential to use BCAA in the context of training, and here the key moment is the rate of delivery of BCAA, that is, the time for which branched-chain amino acids reach the point of ingestion into the muscles. This time is most influenced by the way in which you take the branched-chain amino acids. Ideally for this purpose the BCAA will decide in liquid form. Our company offers you two such products: BCAA Free Form Liquid 80000 mg, Branched Amino Acids in their free form in liquid form, which are suitable for direct consumption, or one of our most successful products BCAA Instant, ie soluble BCAA.

What are Branched Chain Amino Acids and why are they used?

BCAA - Free Branched Chain Amino Acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine are essential (essential) amino acids that are directly contained in muscle tissue and can serve as an important source of energy for muscle work. Branched amino acids are contained in the diet, so it is a natural substance, with no side effects to be feared!

A suitable ratio of the branched amino acids is 2: 1: 1:

Our BCAA Free Form Liquid 80000 mg product contains an optimal ratio of branched chain amino acids of 2: 1: 1 - twice as much leucine as isoleucine and valine. Warum 2: 1: 1? Leucine is considered the most important BCAA for processes in and after muscles. However, it is necessary to accept all three BCAA. The 2: 1: 1 ratio meets the physiological needs of the individual BCAAs and provides their highest potency. With higher leucine doses, little more is needed, as Rubner's Amino Acid Limitation Act (the use of amino acids from accepted proteins depends on the content of the least represented essential amino acid) and Wolf's conclusion that excess essential amino acids (uptake of essential amino acids beyond the excess, disturbs the metabolism of the other amino acids) and increases the amino acid manifestation limit).

Branched amino acids can be delivered throughout the day. Especially if you want to get rid of unwanted subcutaneous fat and stick to the diet, BCAA should also be taken on non-workout days, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to take BCAA Free Form Liquid 80000 mg:

By supplementing BCAA Free Form Liquid 80000 mg with intensive training or a reduction diet, you can prevent muscle mass from being "burned", protected against catabolism - for this effect you administer BCAA before training or. and meanwhile. To increase muscle mass, involving proteins from amino acids,administer BCAA Free Form Liquid 80000 mg after training.