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Musclebody Nutrition - Bcaa Complex 4:1:1 400g
  • Musclebody Nutrition - Bcaa Complex 4:1:1 400g

Musclebody Nutrition - Bcaa Complex 4:1:1 400g


MB Nutrition

BCAA Instant Complex 4: 1: 1 400 g is a revolutionary product from MB Nutrition, which is made from the best raw materials.

Musclebody Nutrition - Bcaa Complex 4:1:1 400g



MB Nutrition

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BCAA Instant is fermented by BCAA and produced by a gentle method that does not use chemicals and high temperature processes. They come from vegetable raw materials and are therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The fermentation leads to a higher quality, BCAA without allergens and more efficient amino acids. These fermented BCAA are very soluble in water, they do not drink and you will find them in fantastic flavors! BCAAs are essential and indispensable, especially when the body is in critical situations, such as a low carbohydrate diet combined with challenging workouts. To reduce diets, we recommend combining with a fat burner such as Carnitine, which ensures the burning and BCAA continues to protect muscle mass.

How do you like it? They are not cute, they feel gentle. It's a great choice for those who do not like tuned spins.


They are in immediate water-soluble form

- sticky and easy to mix

- They are fermented and produced in a gentle way

You have a high dose of L-Leucine, the strongest anabolic amino acid

-Clean BCAA

- They have fantastic aromas and amazing taste

Dosage : Stir 1 measuring cup into 200-300 ml of water. 2-3 times a day.

Product composition in 100 g: L-LEUCINE 56 G L-ISOLEUCIN 15 G L-VALIN 14 G sucrose, dextrose, acid control, citric acid (E330), sweetener sucralose (E8955), flavor