Scitec Nutrition - Amino 5600 1000tbl
  • Scitec Nutrition - Amino 5600 1000tbl

Scitec Nutrition Amino 5600


Scitec Nutrition

A combination of essential and essential amino acids The Amino 5600 is a blend of essential and essential amino acids essential for muscle growth and regeneration in times of extreme exercise and diet. Branched-chain amino acids protect muscle mass from destruction, essential amino acids are indispensable for balanced body function. The Amino 5600 supports the growth of muscle mass and protects against destruction during the diet and extreme stress on the body during exercise. The Amino 5600 is made from whey protein hydrolyzate of the highest quality and biological value for optimal positive results. The longer-term, regular application can maximize your results.
Scitec Nutrition - Amino 5600 1000tbl



Scitec Nutrition

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Amino 5600

Amino 5600

- good absorption
- Maximum support for muscle growth

L-alanine 206 mg
L-arginine 101 mg
L-aspartic acid 436 mg
L-cysteine 118 mg
L-glutamic acid 709 mg
L-glycine 71 mg
L-histidine * 67 mg
L-isoleucine 225 225 mg
L-leucine 43 432 mg
L-lysine * 423 mg
L-methionine * 88 mg
L-phenylalanine * 126 mg
L-proline 238 mg
L-serine 209 mg
L-Threonine * 255 mg
L-Tryptophan * 71 mg
L-tyrosine 134 mg
L-valine * 238 mg
Essential amino acids: 1925 mg
† Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA): 895 mg


Hydrolyzed whey concentrate, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, silica (magnesium stearate, stearic acid).

One dose = 4 tablets
Total amino acids 4200 mg
Essential amino acids 1925 mg
BCAA 895 mg

Recommended dosage

Take 1-3 doses (4 tablets) daily with sufficient fluid - before and after training and at bedtime.