Amix Testo F-200 100 tabliet
  • Amix Testo F-200 100 tabliet
  • Amix Testo F-200 100 tabliet

Amix Testo F-200 100 tabs



Amix ™ TestoFUEL® is a revolutionary nutritional supplement with the sole purpose of increasing natural testosterone levels.

Amix Testo F-200 100 tabliet

Amix Testo



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Recommended dosage : Take 5 tablets daily between meals. Wash with plenty of water. Use this product for 8 weeks, then let it out for 4 weeks.

Ingredients: d-aspartic acid, anti-caking agent: microcrystalline cellulose; L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, Tribulus terrestris extract (whole plant), baking medium: croscarmellose; Maca root extract (Lepidium meyenii), Testofen® - Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum - graecum), Astragin ™ (patented Panax notoginseng extract - Astragalus membranaceous), Taxadrol® (Pinus sylvestris), Nicotinamide (Vit. B3), Stearate magnesium , Silicic acid.

Allergen Note: May contain traces of milk, eggs, soy, gluten, crustaceans, nuts and peanuts.

Warning: Not suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry place below 25 ° C, protect from direct sunlight and frost. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by improper use or storage.

Shelf life and lot number : stated on the packaging.

Average nutritional values:

Dose size: 5 tablets

Number of dosper pack: 20


Quantity in batch

D-aspartic acid 3000 mg

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 1,000 mg

Tribulus terrestris (90% steroid antidote content) 750 mg

Maca extract 10: 1 (root, Lepidium meyenii) 500 mg

Testofen® fenugreek (standardized to 50% fenuside ) 100 mg

Astragin ™ patented extract from Panax notoginseng-Astragalus Membranaceous 25 mg

Taxadrol® (Pinus Silvestris) 50 mg


(Quercetin, rhammetin, sciadopitysine, kaempherol,

Amentoflavone, Sequoiaflovon, Sotetsuflavon, Ginkgetin,


Steroid Phytosteroly

(Beta-sitosterol, daucosterol, ponasterone, corynin)


(Lariciresinol, Taxinresinol)


(Xanthophyll, zeaxanthin, violaxanthin, neoxanthine, eschsoltzaxanthone)





Vitamin B3 - Niacin (Nicotinamide) 16 mg (100% *)

* DRHP - Daily Revenue Referencebei