Universal Animal Flex 44 sáčkov
  • Universal Animal Flex 44 sáčkov
  • Universal Animal Flex 44 sáčkov

Universal - Animal Flex 44 pouch



Best protection for joints and ligaments

Animal Flex is designed to protect joints and ligaments caused by severe strength training. It is particularly suitable for strength athletes, bodybuilders and power lift. Each pack consists of several different complexes that support the strength of joints, ligaments and tendons. Animal Flex is a complete supplement and only one dose a day is sufficient.


  • suitable for weight training
  • Suitable for those who need support for joints and ligaments

Universal Animal Flex 44 sáčkov

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Nutritional information:

1 dose
calories 9
fats 1 g
vitamin C 100mg
Vitamin E 100mg
zinc 15mg
selenium 70mcg
manganese 1mg
Joint Regeneration: Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Chondroitin Sulfate A (CSA), Chondroitin Sulfate C (CSC) 3000mg

Joint Lubricating Complex: Linseed Oil (50% alpha-linolenic acid)
(Cetyl myristoleaste, cetyl myristate, cetyl palmitate, cetyl laurate, cetyl palmitoleate, cetyl oleate), hyaluronic acid

Joint Support: Ginger Extract (Gingerole, Shogaole), Turmeric Root (Curcumin), Boswellia (Resin) (Boswellic Acid)
Ginger Extract (Gingerole, Shogaole), Quercetin, Bromelain


Calcium phosphate maltodextrin, Gelatine, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, purified water, microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin, silicic acid

Nutritional information
Animal Flex 44 packs (without taste)
Size 1 dose: 1 pack
Number of doses per pack: 44
Nutritional information 1 dose % DV
calories 9 kcal
Calories from fat 9 kcal
fat 1 g <2% *
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 100 mg 167%
100 mg 333%
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 15 mg 100%
Selenium (as sodium selenite) 70 μg 100%
manganese sulfate 1 mg 50%
Common building complex 3000 mg
Glucosamine (as HCl, sulfate 2KCl) **
Methylsulfonyl ethane (MSM) **
Chondroitin sulfate A (CSA) **
Chondroitin sulfate C (CSC) **
Synovial complex 1000 mg
Flaxseed oil (50% alpha-linolenic acid) **
Cetyl Myristoleate Proprietary Blend
(Cetyl myristol **, Cetyl myristate **, Cetyl palmitate **, Cetyl laurate **)
hyaluronic acid **
Joint support complex 1000 mg
Ginger Root Extract (Gingerole, Shogaole) **
Turmeric root (curcumin) **
quercetin **
bromelain **
** Recommended daily dose
Other ingredients
Dicalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, gelatin, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, purified water, cellulose glycerin, silica, caramel color, Pharmaceutical Eq

Recommended dosage

Take one dose a day.